What is Antimony oxide?
Antimony oxide is a high lustered, often fibrous oxide mineral. It forms sprays of crystals that are usually matted to the host rock in radiating clusters. Its adamantine (gem-like) to pearly luster serves to add a nice quality to this uncommon antimony mineral. More detail go to Products!

What is Antimony oxide used for?
Antimony is increasingly being used in the semiconductor industry in the production of diodes, infrared detectors, and Hall-effect devices. As an alloy, this metalloid greatly increases lead’s hardness and mechanical strength. The most important use of antimony is as a hardener in lead for storage batteries.Uses include: Batteries, antifriction alloys, type metal, small arms and tracer ammunition, cable sheathing matches, medicines etc.

Antimony compounds in the form of oxides, sulfides, sodium antimonate, and antimony trichloride are used in the making of flame-proofing compounds, ceramic enamels, glass, paints, and pottery. Antimony trioxide is the most important of the antimony compounds and is primarily used in flame-retardant formulations. These flame-retardant applications include such markets as children’s clothing, toys, aircraft and automobile seat covers. Also, antimony sulfide is one of the ingredients of safety matches.

Chemical safety of of Antimony oxide?
The toxicity of Sb2O3 is topical because it is a likely byproduct of the combustion of some materials “fireproofed” with antimony compounds. The oxides of arsenic, antimony, and bismuth are comparable in their toxicity, but their volatilities differ widely. Antimony trioxide has carcinogenic potential suspected for humans.Its TLV is 0.5 mg/m3, as for most antimony compounds.

Do you sell its Antimony oxide products worldwide?
Yes, we have sell this product to worldwide.

What your size packing details for Antimony oxide ?
Our packing for Antimony oxidewas available at 25 kgs and 50 kgs in bags. For more information about Antimony oxide packing details, you can contact us.

Where I can view product specification or material safety data sheet (MSDS) of Antimony oxide ?
You can go here for product specification and here for material safety data sheet.

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